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The Perfect Space
Layout & decor
We have set ourselves the task of creating individual living spaces with the utmost level of comfort.
We place great importance on the quality of our building materials and equipment. We naturally want to offer our customers something special with our apartments.
Living space
Perfect Building Plans
When planning apartments, we focus
on achieving a modern yet timeless design.
Each property has its own particular
cherry on top, something that makes it special in its own way.
Our architects see to that.
& comfort
We strive to ensure right from the planning stage that the master bedroom becomes a place of supreme comfort and creates a quiet zone of its own with an exclusive walk-in closet and bathroom.
More Space
The current trend is towards open spaces with as little storage space as possible. Globalization makes everything immediately accessible and people are no longer driven to hoard. That is why large closets are actually increasingly becoming a thing of the past.
We purchase tiles directly from the manufacturer in Spain in all sizes and colors. A special fiber tile, which is both robust and durable, is attached to the wall. In terms of quality, it is a world away from conventional wallpaper.
We only use high-quality products. We work with a first-class German parquet manufacturer which maintains production in Germany. Most of our flooring is parquet in varied patterns.
The advantage of it is that it is the option most compatible with underfloor heating.
Sanitary facilities
The stylish design and luxurious furnishings invite you to linger. After a long day at work, indulge in a few relaxing hours in your new temple of wellness.
Design & comfort
We ensure that not only outstanding design but also convenience and comfort always stand at the forefront.
Turnkey Solution
Together with the manufacturers and their designers,
we develop a complete arrangement that corresponds
to the property's KfW qualification and install it, including the furniture.