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High-tech homes
As a team, we develop solutions to meet the most demanding requirements. We don't simply follow the trends; rather, we remain one step ahead of the requirements and standards in innovation.
We push the boundaries of innovation while maintaining
the highest demands on the quality of our own work.
The facade
We use several different materials so that all fire protection requirements are met.
Highly regarded manufacturers create a custom ETICS (external thermal insulation composite system) for each of our properties and monitor the installation process.
Finally, an anti-mold coating is applied to the façade to prevent discoloration.
More light and air
Triple glazing with soundproofing and integrated rebate ventilators, requiring the window frames to be no more than 9 mm thick, provides sufficient air circulation within the room.
Mostly large, floor-to-ceiling windows.
The total thickness of the glass can be up to 28 mm.
Ventilation system
We install a ventilation system with decentralized controls. This means that several currents of air run continuously and, if necessary, switch to a higher level automatically. The air flows in through rebate ventilators. The system also controls the humidity level within the room, which is particularly important for new buildings.
Smart home technologies
Making your everyday life easier (the household appliances can be conveniently operated remotely via an app on your smartphone)
Increased safety (raising and lowering the blinds remotely can trick any would-be burglars into believing that someone is at home)
Cost reduction (conserve energy by remotely switching off any appliance that would otherwise remain in standby mode)
Everyday comfort
Increased quality of life through the intelligent networking of the appliances (convenient control of the temperature, light, and blinds)
Energy efficiency (KfW-40 and 55)
Each on-site CHP plant relieves the network and allows for much greater efficiency.
Because every kW that is transported to the region from elsewhere diminishes by the kilometer, causing the price of electricity to increase. The regional supply is supplemented by the local CHP plants. In the long term, this will lead to lower electricity prices.
A plant that generates electrical power and heat by converting biogas or pellets into electricity and heat with an internal combustion engine.
Surplus electricity is fed into the public grid for profit
Independent of the expensive energy from the grid
Sustainable operation with CO2-neutral biomass (biogas)
Underfloor heating provides a wonderful final touch to the overall comfort level. In winter, the floor is warm, helping to create a cozy atmosphere. In summer, it's the other way round. The owner can circulate cold water through the system, enormously reducing the temperature in the room without using expensive and environmentally harmful air conditioning.
Solar energy
KfW: the values 40 and 55 define the different KfW efficiency standards for homes. The smaller the value, the lower the energy requirement.
Depending on the orientation of the building, we install a photovoltaic system connected to the CHP plant. This system produces CO2-neutral electricity and is publicly funded.
Electric car chargers
We set up charging facilities for electric vehicles at all of our properties. The customer only has to install the charging station that fits his or her vehicle.
Underground parking
The demand for mobility and flexibility has become an integral part of our lives. Therefore, if possible, we try to offer two or more parking spaces per apartment.
Duplex parking systems, carousel parking systems, and car elevators are just a few of the innovations we offer our owners to guarantee them the greatest possible comfort.
For this project, we have designed stairwells with refinements such as an LED lighting concept with active motion detectors.
The installation of smoke detectors throughout the home round out the program.
For us, creating a fire protection concept with several escape routes and an evacuation plan agreed upon with the fire department is standard practice.
Floor coverings made of stone or special tiles are standard in our projects.
Every apartment building we construct is equipped with a modern elevator
We create buildings
that are as barrier-free and disabled-friendly
as possible